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The Tang Firm is committed to superior results and personal service for you from start to finish.

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Joseph A. Tang is an experienced trial attorney who will relentlessly advocate and fight for your rights.

Proven Results

The Tang Firm has a proven track record of producing superior results and fighting for our clients.

Top Rated DUI And Criminal Defense Law Firm

Led by Top Rated Attorney Joseph A. Tang, The Joseph A. Tang Law Firm is a Southern California law firm providing top flight legal representation across the field of criminal law, including but not limited to: DUI defense, misdemeanor and felony criminal defense, DMV actions, traffic infractions, and post-conviction criminal record cleaning. We are dedicated to the practice and craft of fighting and beating criminal cases. Our mission is to get your case dismissed, reduced, or obtain the best possible outcome, while providing you with a high level of personal service.

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Joseph A. Tang has been a practicing criminal law attorney since entering practice in 2011. Since 2013, Joseph has been practicing criminal defense in courthouses all across Los Angeles County and its surrounding counties in Southern California. Joseph’s reputation and track record of proven results in court has resulted in The Joseph A. Tang Law Firm being known as one of the most trusted and reliable law firms in Southern California. Consistently rated a Top 100 criminal defense trial attorney by The National Trial Lawyers on a yearly basis, Joseph is ready to leverage his legal experience, knowledge, and reputation for you and your family.

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How We Can Help You

Consultation And Investigation

Obtaining favorable evidence early and having insight into your case are important. We may be able to help you with both.

Early Intervention With Law Enforcement

We may be able to stop your matter from becoming a court case early on by taking immediate action with law enforcement.

Aggressive Litigation And Advocacy

Depending on your case, we will seek a dismissal of your case, the best possible plea deal, minimal punishment, or to win at trial.

Practice Areas

Below are areas of practice that we are accepting cases in. We handle both misdemeanors and felonies for all criminal matters below. Please call us for more details if you do not see the nature of your matter listed below, as the areas and offenses listed below are illustrative and not exhaustive. For more information about each area of practice, please click below:

Driving Under The Influence

DUI with or without prior convictions. DUI with injury. DMV admin per se matters. License suspensions.

Assault & Battery, Violent Offenses

Assault. Assault with a deadly weapon. Battery. Aggravated battery. Robbery. Criminal threats. Elder abuse.

Theft & Property Offenses

Theft. Grand theft. Burglary. Fraud. ID theft. Forgery. Embezzlement. Shoplifting. Receiving Stolen Property. Vandalism. Trespassing.

Domestic Violence

Domestic battery, or corporal injury to a partner. Violating a restraining order. Damaging a communication device.

Narcotics Offenses

Drug and paraphernalia possession. Possession for sales. Sale or transportation of drugs. Public intoxication.

Driving Offenses

Hit and run. Driving on a suspended license. Manslaughter. Evading. Joyriding. Traffic infractions.

Weapons Offenses

Felon in possession. Brandishing. Carrying concealed or in public. Possession of illegal weapons or items. Negligent discharge.


Dismissals. Reductions. Early termination of probation. Record sealings. Cert. of rehabilitation. Governor’s pardon.

Personal Injury (Civil)

Automotive collision. Negligence. Slip, trip, and fall. Dog bite/attack. Medical malpractice. Intentional battery and abuse.

We Handle Cases In Courthouses Across Southern California

Case Coverage Includes Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, And Riverside County

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